The Secrets of Squid Game’s Success

We take a look at what made the now internationally famous series, so successful.

In the cluttered world of entertainment streaming, it can be hard for a new series to make noise, especially internationally. While difficult however, it’s not impossible, as demonstrated by the incredible success of Squid Game!  

The hit Korean series on Netflix quickly gone from barely known, to huge viral hit, despite having no significant marketing campaign when it first launched.

What lessons can marketers and brand owners learn from Squid Game’s sudden success, and how can these lessons be applied to ecommerce and online stores.

Value of the digital word of mouth

Sometimes, no matter how much you spend on an eCommerce marketing campaign, there is still nothing more powerful than word of mouth. We all trust the recommendations of the people we know rather than a professional critic or online advertising campaign, and Squid Game managed to take advantage of this via social media channels.

In particular, the show had a huge impact on TikTok, achieving more than 22 billion searches for the hashtag #SquidGame. A key takeaway for marketers here is the huge importance of community engagement on social media.

By responding to those engaging with your brand on social media, jumping on to trending topics quickly and being playful with memes, your business can begin to stand out online and spread the word via digital word of mouth.

Themes that translate

There was once a time when many people wouldn’t have been willing to engage with a Korean television show, but Squid Game is packed with universal human themes, such as loss, desperation, fear and adrenaline, themes that we can all relate to. The featured games are also easy to understand (and often a variation of childhood games played all over the world).

Netflix has also offered subtitles in 37 languages and dubbed the series in 34 languages, making the show accessible to a huge global audience. Consider how you can make your brand as accessible as possible to a wide audience. Can your customers communicate with you through a variety of different channels? Does your website have relevant, up to date information that’s easily visible?

Even though Squid Game’s success seemed like a happy accident, when we take a closer look, there are so many simple marketing tips and tricks used to promote the series that businesses can apply to their own campaigns.

Let the games begin!

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