The Met Gala 2021 – Marketing lessons to live by

met gala 2021 marketing

Last week, the Met Gala returned with a dazzling display of the weird and wonderful that had the fashion world and many more besides scrolling their Twitter feed in shock and awe!

What were the standouts from the fundraising event of the year, and what lessons can those looking to scale eCommerce brands and online stores take from the event? Just what are the secrets of viral marketing that we can take away from this extravaganza of style?

Fashion meets activism 

While we might be used to seeing Hollywood’s brightest lights pushing the envelope when it comes to fashion, this year’s Met Gala took this to a whole new level with the theme of Americana.

While some naysayers claimed that the over-the-top outfits reminded them of The Hunger Games (unfortunately without the girl on fire dress!), many saw that the glitz and glam were smuggling in some serious activist content.

Perhaps those Katniss comparisons weren’t such a snub – after all, wasn’t changing the world the point of her outfits too?

Have a strong message

The most memorable fashion moments had a strong message behind them. Taking the original theme of Americana, the celebrities truly ran with it, but the best kept a core message clear in their outfits.  

Whether that is Dan Levy’s pastel infused statement outfit celebrating love, or Kim Kardashian’s head to toe (literally) black outfit that showed off that even a silhouette of a celebrity is highly recognisable, there was strong meaning.

When we are carrying out our own viral campaigns, staying on message is a must!

Substance and style 

Quannah Chasinghorse’s striking outfit wowed the crowd, as the statuesque model swept in draped in gold and turquoise. This felt like a more understated and classically lovely choice compared to some other outfits. However, the look was not just beautiful, it held deep meaning regarding her Native American roots.

This shows us the importance of making our own marketing campaigns not just visually appealing, but mentally engaging, as well. While fun and frivolity are great, those who are truly engaged with your campaign are far more likely to become loyal to your brand – and have food for thought!

Keep it current – but lean on nostalgia

Many of the celebrities grabbed the opportunity to hark back to previous icons of Americana, while still creating looks that were current, or held messages that speak to 2021 sensibilities. YouTube celebrity Nikkie de Jager stuck to her usual glamorous look but used her outfit to visually reference activist Marsha P. Johnson. Billie Eilish echoed Marilyn Monroe. Visual nostalgia is a powerful tool, and you can use it to sneak in some interesting and inventive marketing choices.

The more we look at the amazing choices at the Met Gala, the more you can learn about how to create an eye-catching yet meaningful marketing campaign. Remember – important messages don’t have to be boring! If you take anything away from the celebrities showcasing their style chops, let it be that.

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