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As smartphones get smarter, ever more innovative apps are allowing us to lead our lives wherever we might be. Whether it’s work, socialising or entertainment, there’s a world of technology out there which means you can live and work in Manchester, Mauritius or even Malta – like we do here at Milkbox!

With more than 3 million apps in the Play Store and 2 million in the App Store however, finding the great apps amongst the not so great ones can be difficult. With that in mind, our team has compiled a list of their favorite apps for 2021. Naturally our favorite apps are our very own Milkbox apps which will make it increasingly easy for people to start, build and scale a business from anywhere but, we can’t review our own apps, so have focused on the best of the rest here!

We hope you enjoy!

Bookly. I don’t know about you, but at Milkbox our reading list just seems to get longer and longer. Bookly aims to solve this problem by gamifying reading, and giving you the structure and motivation you need to start crossing books off your list. Someone much wiser than us said, Today a reader, tomorrow a leader, Bookly will help you achieve your reading goals!

Desygner is a graphic design app that combines ease of use with rich features that allow for the creation of professional looking designs. Whether it’s posters, presentations or artistic doodling, this app contains a range of features that will help you harness your design skills!

ExpressVPN. For those embracing the work for yourself, from anywhere, Milkbox lifestyle, ExpressVPN is an invaluable tool. The product essentially allows you to access the internet as you do at home, no matter where you are in the world.

Health Sync. There are numerous great health apps out there, and everyone has their personal favorite, from Google Fit to Garmin and everything in between. One issue with these apps however is that they often don’t talk to each other, which makes data sharing difficult. Health Sync aims to solve this problem by acting as a hub for all your health data.

Wondery. The Milkbox team loves nothing more than a great podcast and Wondery is a must have. Wondery has a whole range of content exclusive to the app, across genres including true crime, business, history and more.

Betta Fish Live Wallpaper is a hypnotic wallpaper that turns your phone screen into a home for a Siamese fighting fish. The animation is incredible and interactive and brings the waters of SouthEast Asia to your phone screen.

Culture Trip is a classic app that allows you to curate an adventure wherever you are in the world, even in your own home town. With new content regularly added, the app lets you find the best things to do and the best restaurants to visit in any location.

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