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MilkBox offers premium digital content distribution for companies looking to monetize Games, Movies, Music, Books and Software online. The MilkBox app gives businesses the power to deliver content to customers securely and effectively.

Advertising Solutions

MilkBox offers a variety of tools to help you brand and promote your service. Market and upsell your products and services with promotions such as free trial periods, gift coupons and prepaid cards. MilkBox supports web advertising outlets like banner ads, video trailers, Flash and other rich-media within our products. Using MilkBox, your upsell messaging could include product placement, in-game contest messaging and more.

Content Publishing

MilkBox's global connections with broadband service providers and content aggregators provide publishers and developers with a direct way to sell their online media in a way that's fast and secure. Via our channel partnerships, MilkBox provides licensing and security tools so you can package your content for resellers or sell directly to customers, and we give you the means to distribute your content online or through brick-and-mortar outlets. Sell content your way.

Manage Billing

Offer your customers "all-you-can-eat" content on demand using MilkBox. MilkBox supports subscription-based business models and comes with all the necessary back-office tools to integrate seamlessly with your service. Provide your customers with MilkBox’s pre-licensed content, or tailor your own media packages for individual users and the mass-market. With MilkBox you can do all these things.
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Multimedia For Everyone

Companies around the world are using MilkBox to boost and manage their inter-site traffic.

Build It Your Way

Plenty of businesses employ MilkBox's tried-and-true white-label solution, while other companies tweak settings to better suit their individual workflows. Whatever you choose, MilkBox's Quick Launch is an amazingly customizable digital distribution tool that you can adapt for any audience.

Take MilkBox With You

Access MilkBox on-the-go with our mobile app for iOS and Android. Launch content from your phone, shop online or download media. Our updates are fully automated so you'll always have the latest software on hand.

The MilkBox Strongbox

Using GameShield, we've galvanized MilkBox to fight threats to your security. IP detection protects encrypted data against remote hacking attempts, and each login requires session based authentication for access.

Quick Access Advertising

The MilkBox Player supports all forms of Internet advertising, including video ads, flash animations, banner ads and more. Market your product easily through multiple sites, all from one place.

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Intuitive and customizable, MilkBox is the best platform for showcasing your corporate web properties and distributing media content across multiple sites. Build communities and engage with users via video and text uploads, file sharing, and much, much more. MilkBox's fully integrated media extensions allow you to update your corp sites using leading CMS and LMS platforms, all from within a secure framework.

  • A vast network of media sites
  • Access all your content, anywhere
  • Smart Match technology
  • Access third-party web properties with MilkBox
  • iOS and Android compatible
  • Premium content, updated weekly

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