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The Covid pandemic has ushered in a ‘new normal’ of people working from home. It isn’t just in terms of location that people are finding new flexibility however, but also in terms of employers.

The number of people now making a living as professional freelancers has increased dramatically. It’s estimated that freelancers in the US alone earned $1 trillion in 2019 and that up to 80% of the global workforce could be freelancers by 2030.

Technology is making it increasingly easy for people to sell services direct to customers, and to forge careers outside of the major corporations and conglomerates that defined work in the 20th century. Milkbox is part of this trend, developing technology driven services that allow our users to build and scale online businesses, and achieve freedom in their working lives.

So, how to build your freelance career?

First up, it’s important to understand exactly what it is that you’re selling. Is it a product, or perhaps a service? Who are your target customers and what kind of competition are you up against?

Once you’ve determined this, it’s time to start marketing. This will likely involve building a website and populating it with SEO rich content, to ensure that the site gets noticed by search engines in the markets you’re targeting.

Once you have a web presence, then it’s time to develop social media channels and other means of reaching your audience. The channels you focus on will reflect the habits of your audience, but what will be crucial is to appreciate that, in the twenty first century, a multi-channel approach is essential if you’re going to compete.

Once you’re up and running, there’s a whole world of other things to consider too, ranging from managing your books to on-boarding payment technologies in order to take payments via your website.

Thankfully, services like the one we are developing here at Milkbox can give entrepreneurs and those building freelance careers a significant head start. Our off the shelf suite of apps will allow all aspects of a business to be managed easily and from anywhere in the world.


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