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Lunch a website for your business in just a few clicks. Milkbox generates your website using market-tested copy, design, UX and sign-up flows. Our one-click templates include all the boring stuff, like terms and conditions, out of the box.

Tailor made for your target market

Get a market-tested website that brings everything into one place

Our plug-and-play website generator allows you to launch a site from your phone, without the need for designers, developers or even a copywriter. Simply answer a few questions, and our mobile app will generate the perfect website to get you started in a lucrative niche.
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Get started quickly in a lucrative niche.

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How to create a site in minutes with MilkBox

In this fiercely competitive world, you can’t run a business without a website.

But as an entrepreneur, all you really want to focus on is selling and making money. That’s why we created a mobile app that takes the entire process of website creation off your hands.

Powerful templates

One-click templates that take care of everything

Most site builders let you pick a layout or design, but Milkbox goes way further. It takes care of every piece of copy on your site, from your sales pitch to your privacy policy. There’s nothing left for you to do but apply your branding and publish the site.

Built-in signup flows

Convert views into sales

Milkbox has mastered the art of acquiring customers so that you don’t have to. Our templates include highly-optimized sign up flows that help you convert as many visitors as possible into paying customers.

SEO optimized

Rank better, sell more

We’ve been selling products online for years, so we know the importance of SEO. Your website is automatically built to modern SEO standards, so you can expect quality organic traffic even if you’re not up-to-speed with the latest trends.

Customer support

We care for your customers

Even your website’s Help Center and FAQ are covered by Milkbox’s market-tested templates. Everything from billing issues to technical support is included.

Manage everything on the go

Chasing the dream of working from anywhere?

Milkbox allows you to manage every aspect of your website from the mobile app. That means you don’t need developers, a marketing team or even a laptop.

Our iOS and Android app allows you to:

Everything you need to start a business today

Sign up to Milkbox and get all the tools and services you need to start, run, and grow your business.


Just add your branding and start selling digital subscriptions, software and shippable goods.


Quickly generate a website for 
your business with market-tested copy, design and UX out of the box.

Sales Funnels

Launch highly-optimized sales funnels to attract more leads and customers in just a few clicks.


Enjoy a quick and painless integration with Stripe, PayPal and other payment gateways.


Grow your business quickly with powerful, real-time insights on your dashboard.

Mobile Apps

Our mobile apps allow you to manage every aspect of your business from your phone.

Customer Support

We take care of your customer support and provide an online help desk for your product.


Milkbox runs experiments on your behalf to ensure maximum profitability.

Milkbox is more than just a tool.
We’re fully invested in your success.

Powerful Market Insights

Milkbox provides more than 10 years of market insights that help you to make more profit. We optimize your business for you.

An Entrepreneurial Culture

Our team lives and breathes business. We’ve created our product to make business as easy for you as possible.

The Latest Industry Trends

As a Milkbox user, we keep you up to date with valuable data and the latest trends in technology and ecommerce.

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