Intelligent help desk

We take care of your customers for you

Keeping customers satisfied can be stressful and time consuming. Milkbox takes this off your hands by operating your customer support for you. This gives you more time to spend doing what you’re best at.

Omnichannel support

Quality support when customers need it most

From live chat to traditional phone support, Milkbox helps your customers in whichever ways they prefer. Support for your product is be available 24/7 to ensure that there’s always someone to help.

Knowledge base

A trusted online help center out of the box

We provide an FAQ section for your website that answers all of your customers’ most common queries. Milkbox updates and improves this page on your behalf based on the latest customer insights.

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Quickly generate a website for 
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Sales Funnels

Launch highly-optimized sales funnels to attract more leads and customers in just a few clicks.


Enjoy a quick and painless integration with Stripe, PayPal and other payment gateways.


Grow your business quickly with powerful, real-time insights on your dashboard.

Mobile Apps

Our mobile apps allow you to manage every aspect of your business from your phone.

Customer Support

We take care of your customer support and provide an online help desk for your product.


Milkbox runs experiments on your behalf to ensure maximum profitability.

Milkbox is more than just a tool.
We’re fully invested in your success.

Powerful Market Insights

Milkbox provides more than 10 years of market insights that help you to make more profit. We optimize your business for you.

An Entrepreneurial Culture

Our team lives and breathes business. We’ve created our product to make business as easy for you as possible.

The Latest Industry Trends

As a Milkbox user, we keep you up to date with valuable data and the latest trends in technology and ecommerce.

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