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As we’ve previously written about here, there are many environmental upsides to a decentralised, sometimes home based workforce. From less commuter miles being travelled to less traffic jams and less emissions, 21st century work patterns could have tangible benefits for the environment.

Not only this, but the ability to work from wherever you want, whenever you want, also gives us more time to appreciate our environments. And this doesn’t just apply to those who live in rural locations, or in nature hotspots like here in Malta. Cities too have an increasingly central role to play in ecology as explained in this excellent article from Nature.

It’s in all our interests to protect and conserve the natural world we’ve inherited so, with that in mind, here are some of our favorite environmental projects.

Rewilding Europe is an environmental movement with huge ambitions. Recognizing the impact humanity has had on ecosystems over the centuries, Rewilding Europe aims to allow ecosystems across Europe to recover, and also to reintroduce many of the lost wildlife of the continent, from bears and wolves to Lynx and Bison.

The Sahara Forest Project is an ambitious vision to develop technologies and techniques to bring lush, green and productive land to desert areas around the world. With a pilot project already under way in Jordan, this project holds great promise for the future and could provide food and sustenance for humanity and nature alike.

The Great Green Wall is similar to the previous project, is focused exclusively on the Sahara. The project aims to create a green wall of forest stretching the entire width of Africa, some 8000 kilometers. Already 15% complete, the Great Green Wall has the potential to fundamentally change the global ecosystem.

It’s not just on the land that humanity has had a sometimes detrimental impact on the environment, but in the oceans too. The Ocean Cleanup aims to undo some of the damage done to the seas, in particular by removing plastics from the seas. Supporters can even purchase sunglasses produced from plastic removed from the ocean and recycled!

As you know, we love our home in Malta, so it would be remiss not to mention our very own Neil Agius. Neil swam into the record books in June when he swam a staggering 125.6km from the Italian island of Linosa to the Maltese island of Gozo. The marathon swim was undertaken to raise awareness of plastic pollution of our oceans in collaboration with Wave of Change.

Further info on the campaign can be found here.

We hope these projects inspire you as much as they inspired us!

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