Ditch the commute, save the world

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Here at Milkbox we have a vision. We see a future based on freedom, where people no longer need to clock into an office, day in day out. A future where the opportunity to build and scale a successful business is open to everybody. 

We are en-route to this world already. It’s estimated that in the US alone there are now around 11 million ‘digital nomads’ with millions more who’d like to make the leap to become digital nomads themselves. 

These are a new kind of worker taking advantage of the growing digitisation of the economy. They’re trading the old world of offices, meetings and restrictive hours, to embrace a new world of flexibility, working from anywhere and gaining true independence. At Milkbox, our mission is to make it even easier for people to achieve their dreams, and their independence, as we support them in building successful online enterprises. 

So, why become a digital nomad?

Everyone has their own personal preferences when it comes to work but evidence is mounting about the negative health impacts that come from the sedentary life of the office. Whether it’s the long horse spent sat in a chair, the hunching over a screen or the sandwich grabbed at lunch, the 9 to 5 routine can take its toll

Of course building a business online still needs hard work and time spent at a screen. The key thing is however, having the freedom to spend as much time as you need, work the hours that work for you and intersperse work with physical activity and good food. Old fashioned office environments can lead to a lot of time wasted, so, working for yourself you can do what needs to be done in the time it takes to do it, and then enjoy the rest of your day. 

Building a business and achieving your freedom doesn’t just bring health benefits, there are also the environmental benefits too. Research suggests that if everyone on earth worked from home just one day a week, the amount of CO2 saved would be equivalent to the annual emissions of a major city like London. 

Another upside of switching to digital is the ability to make time. Time is our most precious commodity. Ditching the commute and working for yourself can save huge amounts of it. The amount of time spent commuting in advanced economies is staggering, with residents of the UK estimated to be spending  492 days of their life – an entire year and a half – commuting! 

Other research suggests that commuters in the US could recoup anywhere between 12 and 15% of their time by ditching the commute.

So it seems, the time has come for many to make the jump, and begin to build the life you’ve always wanted. Will you join them? 

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