We make business easier.

Milkbox was built for a revolutionary cause.
To make online business so simple that anybody can become a business owner.

Our story

Milkbox is a rapidly-growing team of entrepreneurial minds that have learned to master every step of creating and selling products online.

We’ve been so successful in creating and marketing online products that we’ve developed a strong duty to bring the same level of success to others. In 2019, we took the bold step to dedicate ourselves to building technology that would help make online business accessible to everyone.

We live Positivity & Integrity

We believe with the right attitude, the right tools, and the right opportunity anyone, regardless of their background, can succeed in business. The fight for a fairer and more just world starts by making tools and knowledge available across the globe.

Our commitment to working hard, embracing change and constantly improving ourselves is what fuels us in our mission to disrupt the ecommerce industry.

The Milkbox team is made up of artists, engineers and data junkies from a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences. Driven by a passion for business, technology and innovation, we’re spearheading a future in which anybody can succeed in business.