5 things we love about working in Malta

Ditch the commute, save the world

Malta is quickly becoming a significant global hub for tech and digital first companies. Even the beautiful capital Valletta, famed for its colourful streets and the dome of the Basilica that looms over the ancient streets, has rebranded itself ‘Silicon Valletta’.

What better place for an ambitious European start-up like Milkbox to base itself then? 

Beyond the tech connections however, Malta is an incredible place to live and work. Here are  five of the things that make Malta magic for Milkbox! 

One: the sea. Whichever direction you go in Malta, in won’t be long before you hit the sea. From the rugged cliffs of the western side of the islands, to the  sandy beaches of the east, Malta is a sea-lovers paradise with year round watersports and fresh seafood daily!

Two: Our office! There aren’t many people who can claim to work in a 16th century palace, replete with swimming pool and gardens. Here at Milkbox however, we like to do things differently, and are building a business based that will allow our customers to achieve the lifestyle they want, whether that’s working out of an ancient palace or from a cabin in the woods! So, we lead by example with our choice of office in the beautiful Palazzo! 

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Three: The history. Malta is an ancient island which has been a center of Medittereanean commerce and culture going all the way back to antiquity. Malta has, throughout its long history, been home to the Phoneicians, Greeks, Romans, Carthaginians, the Aghlabids, the Normans and more. This has left a rich tapestry of culture and artifacts across the island that make living here a unique and fascinating experience. 

Four: the Blue Lagoon. The blue lagoon on the small Maltese island of Comino is one of the most picturesque and Instagram friendly places to visit in Malta. With crystal clear waters, silky soft sands and jagged cliffs, the Lagoon is a unique environment and a favourite spot for visitors and locals alike.

Five: diving. Given Malta’s crystal clear waters and rich maritime history, it’s no surprise that the islands are perfect for divers. The sea-bed around the islands is rich territory for underwater explorers. Whether it’s the wreck of the Imperial Eagle, the three meter religious statue or the extensive underwater cave system of Santa Maria – Malta is as fascinating beneath the surface of the waves, as it is above it. 

Malta is the perfect place for a tech start-up, an island full of innovation, history and incredible scenery. To build your work from anywhere business and find your perfect place, sign up today, for news from Milkbox’s Malta HQ!